Digital Curation
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Curation Past and Present

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00:00:00 Introduction to the class (mostly course logistics)

Part 1: History of Curating

00:05:05 The origins of curation from Tutankhamen to the Louvre

Part 2: New Paradigms of Curating

00:52:20 Museums as disciplinary structures

Part 3: Digital Curation

1:15:15 The definition of digital curation, the explosion of curating practices, and the differences among them

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Curation as added value

In this lecture, Justin Wolff reviews the history of curating from ancient times to the digital present. He distinguishes the act of curating from the mere aggregation found in most social media, arguing that curating implies adding value to works that are presented or collected.

Wolff is Professor of Art History and a faculty member of the Digital Curation graduate program at the University of Maine

Justin Wolff

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